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What To Talk About On Your First Date

Do you ever find it hard to constantly come up with things to talk about on a first date? You want to be able to make easy conversation without those uncomfortable moments of silence. I think the worst part of a first date is trying to break the ice and have the conversation run smoothly. You want to have the perfect combination of asking your date a little about them while offering some information about you. You never want the conversation to be one-sided.

On your first date you want to give them a little bit of a background about your life. However, you never want to discuss any heavy topics such as the divorce of your parents or the death of any family members. Keep it light and simple. Usually the first place people like to start is what you do for a living.

Remember that your date wants a general idea of your title and job description. It’s not a good idea to go into why you hate your job or how lousy your boss is to work for. If you’ve recently graduated form school, you might want to talk a little about that. Don’t discuss things like all of the wild or drunken times you had at frat parties.

For some, that may be a complete turn-off. If you’ve just moved to your area, you can discuss what it was like growing up in another state.  Make sure that you offer plenty of opportunities for your date to respond to your conversation as well as initiate anything they want to.

The key to a first date is to have balance in the conversation. Also, don’t interrupt your date when they are speaking. Be attentive when listening to your date talk. Look directly at them and don’t get distracted by things around you.

Sports may be a topic of interest to you but it may not be to your date. You can briefly ask them if they like sports. If they do, then that allows for more to talk about. Ask them what their favorite sport is and who their favorite team is. If your date isn’t interested in sports then drop that conversation and move on to something else.

Music is a great topic to discuss because rarely do I find anyone that doesn’t enjoy some type of music. This opens the door to discuss your favorite artist or group and best concerts you and your date have been to.

Finding out your date’s music preference may help to open the door for your second date. You may find out they have the same musical tastes as you. Down the road if the relationship works out you can have a concert date.

Movies and TV are also great topics to discuss on a first date. Most people have a favorite TV show they watch each week or a favorite movie they’ve recently seen. You can also discuss books too. If you have any hobbies, you can talk about those as well. Ask you date if they have any hobbies.

These are all great topics to start off with. Never discuss things like politics or religion on a first date. Those are topics that are way to serious and topics that most people have strong opinions on. Keep the first date conversation easy going and pleasant and you’ll be sure to score yourself a second date.

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